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Transport planning and design manual

transport planning and design manual

5.9.3 In the existing built-up areas, area improvement plans should be prepared as a planning framework for improving the pedestrian environment.
4.3.11 On-street locations in business and commercial districts should be in close proximity to centres of demand.
Or, go to the Business and industry section, click on Technical publications.Cheng Kin-fai and his Committee in leading the Rehabilitation Alliance to pass through its first decade so successfully.The planning considerations for underground and above ground railway lines and stations are also quite different.5.5.3 Local identity and sense of place should be created by the combination of pedestrian routes, activity spaces, careful use of materials in the public realm, and incorporation of landmark features and public art along pedestrian routes.In rural areas a longer spacing may be acceptable.2.5 Railway Protection.5.1 Railway Development Office (RDO) of Highways Department will issue from time to time administrative route protection plans before gazetting the railway schemes.At present, the transport needs of people with disabilities are met in the following ways: * public transport and railway operators are encouraged to make their vehicles and services accessible as far as is practicable.1 Streets selected for pedestrianisation are mainly local roads.4.3.6 In places where loading of luggage is common and space is not a problem, saw-tooth layout should be considered.To achieve this, pedestrian planning should be an integral part of new development and redevelopment.
Volume 3 is the Guide to Road Design.
Appendix 2 for that purpose.
Here is a brief overview of the Transport and Main Roads supplements that are part of the Road Planning and Design Manual, Volume 3: Guide to Road Design.
Designation of such on-street coach facilities should be subject to local traffic condition and availability of public parking in the vicinity.
(4) Planning and Development Concepts.2.5 In the planning and development process, the following concepts should be considered to improve pedestrian planning : (i) Integration of Land Use with Major Pedestrian Generators/ Attractors This would include integrating developments of major pedestrian generator (rail station, ferry.
Provision for on-street parking should not be made.However, utilities serving the following functions would normally be allowed below the SF GZ by Highways Department : (a) utility services, such as lighting cables or power/water supply, which are necessary for the proper functioning of facilities within the SF GZ; and Simple Table Format.The Parking Demand Model, enhanced in the Second Parking Demand Study and periodically updated by Transport Department, provides a forecast of future parking demand by district for the major vehicle classes of private car and goods vehicle.6.5.2 Bicycle parking spaces shall be provided in the residential macromediahand 10 for mac developments where proper cycle tracks with direct connection to rail stations are accessible.5.8.15 To avoid interference with tree planting along the footpath, underground utilities should avoid encroaching onto the.Long, steep grades should have level areas and/or benches at intermittent distances to provide rest areas for the elderly and disabled.Slide 5: Supplements for Parts 4, 4A, 4B and 4C These supplements include: New warrants for the turn treatments at unsignalised intersections.Since October 2001, about 6,700 newly registered taxis in Hong Kong have been installed with talking taxi meters.4.3.10 At locations like the airport where heavy demand is anticipated, adequate area should be provided for stacking of taxis and provision of ancillary facilities such as toilets for taxi drivers.Under the Road planning and design category, click on the link to the Road Planning and Design Manual (2nd edition).A nearside hard shoulder should be provided throughout and stopping restrictions apply at all times.Because of the generally narrow width of the road, local widening in the form of parking lay-bys (3m wide) will be necessary if on-street parking is required.