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Pc analyzer code 00

pc analyzer code 00

7.How is the "initiative code" exactly identified on the M04 PC Analyzer?
Sometimes there is so short duration of cycle frame signal that you cannot feel the frame LED have been on by naked eyes.
When PI0050A-S or PI0050A-SD is inserted in ISA slot, If bios fb2 reader for windows 7 LED is on, It indicates that bios is not being read from at the moment; If bios LED is off, It indicates bios is being read from at the moment.
2.Why is none or one bit displayed in the digital screeenpanel?2.Why is none or one bit displayed in the digital screeen panel?Original: There is China Copyright 01224987.4 on the edge of PCB; There is China Copyright 513427on PI0049 pi0050 M04 and so on; On the back of the PC Analyzer, there is a mobile number of or telephone number of Since our company has designed.Atement of frame LED and bios LED.At the same time, there may be a few PC Analyzer PI0049 regarded as the PC Analyzer PI0050 to sell.The same kind, if sometimes the cycle frame signal have vanished for a short time, the time is so short that you cannot feel the frame LED have been on by naked eyes.Directly and solve the non-fatal trouble according to it; Else, the code 26 is" trouble code" its meaning is : test the exception situation of protected mode.Answer :When PC Analyzers such as PI0049 series and PI005OA series is inserted in PCI slot, The power indicators are 12V,-12V,3V3 and 5VThe singals indicators are irdy, frame, CLK, RST and ere is no indicator for -5V,bios and OSC.
Please check the CPU, the CPU jumper, The CPU configuration, the power and the battery of the main board.
Top, answer :When the" trouble code" that PC Analyzer displayed is 26, It is pivotal for you see whether there is display on the screen.
Code 26 "trouble code" or "OK" code?
8.If the code is not included in the manual, what can I do?
Top, answer :The code that is first displayed when power is on is called intiative code by cause the PC Analyzer is also electronical device itself, When the power is on, PC Analyzer will display one two-bit code automatically.
5.How is the "initiative code" exactly identified on the PC Analyzer PI0050A?
The intiative code is meaningless.If bios LED sparkles, It indicates the time for which bios has been being read is short.If frame LED sparkles, It indicates that duration of cycle frame signal is short.Please check the memory of CPU and main board.The non-fatal "trouble code " wouldn't be sent to the PC Analyzer.You can read the words about the trouble on the screen of monitor.E meaning of the code 00and FF?